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Highlight Reel of Motherhood 2012/2013

It's been quite a year as a mom.  I could get all mushy, but that's really not my style.  I could discuss how much I've learned or lament how fast time flies.  I could talk about how many lunches I've packed, loads of laundry I've done, or Band-Aids I've affixed. But those things happen every year.

Instead, I've created a highlight reel of favorite quotes from my children to celebrate my mom experience over the last twelve months. I wasn't born with a great deal of patience, so thank goodness the most important things I've learned I need to be a good

mom are a sense of humor and the willingness to laugh. And boy, I'm happy to say I've laughed a lot this past year.

Easter - edited

So here they are... The May 2012-2013 top quotes from my kids:

"I have an entire drawer filled with dirty underwear. Seriously, it's just got dirty underwear in it.  Nope, nothing else....I know, it's so cool."  

"Can you start making us a second dinner, like at 8:00 pm?  We could call it second dinner, because, you know, it would come after the first dinner you'd cook for us."

"I don't need to shower, Mom. I just played soccer in the rain for an hour.  You saw me get wet."

"Mom, these chairlifts would be totally perfect if only they had cupholders."

"I like to stroke my wenis. Duh, Mom, that's the skin on the tip of your elbow.  The wagina* is softer though."

"Farting just makes me feel good, kind of like a snow cone."

"You don't have to see the actual floor of my room just to know it's there. Have a little faith, Mom."

"Mom, what's the past tense of cactus?"

"I'll have a quesadilla, but without the dill pickles, please."

"I'm sorry my sheets are so muddy.  I slept in my cleats again.  I love them so much."

"Llama lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord...."


Motherhood.  Good stuff. 

I hope you'll add some of your favorite kid quotes from the past year. Leave a comment, share the post, eat a cookie, do a handstand, ok, be sure to have a spotter... Hey, it's Mother's Day weekend!  I'm in a good mood!

*The wagina is the inside of the elbow - the crook.