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Notes From The Road

Busch stadium

Earlier this week, I set out on a road trip with my sons.  Our destination:  Kansas City for the 2013 VisionWalk. Since I rarely do things the simple way, we traveled en route St. Louis and southern Missouri. Here are some musings from the road.

Favorite t-shirt spotted:  Ain't Nuttin' Like Kentucky

Just in case you were lookin' fer Jerky Heaven, we found it: 

Jerky heaven

Think Dubya broke a Guinness World record:


While sunbathing and eavesdropping, the guy next to me said to his girlfriend, "Seriously, I'm a winner. I'm a nice guy and I finish first." My thought, hey, Bubba, that's actually not very nice.

We found a road named after Hugo and felt the attractions were some of the best. 

Hugo's way


A highlight for the boys were new flushers in the bathrooms at the Lake Forest Oasis in Illinois. Pull up for liquid waste. Push down for the solids. It really is pretty cool.

Toilet flusher at oasis

I also had an amazing discovery.  Every time the boys get on my nerves while driving, which is so rare, since they really are three little angels, I turn up the LOVE channel on Sirius XM radio and sing at the top of my lungs.  C'mon, sing it with me: "There's a kind of hush, all over the world tonight, all over the world....."  and "Have never been mellow? Have you never tried to find a comfort from inside you?" And as we pulled into Kansas City, a classic Barry Manilow.  You know it, I know you do:  "Looks like we made it...."

More as we continue the journey.