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Sure, my boys get a bit embarrassed having a writer as their mom, but I think they secretly like creating great material for me. Trust me, they keep it comin'. And when I recently did a live reading of my favorite piece, "I've Got Something In My Pocket" about boys and their underwear, in Ann Imig's 2013 Listen To Your Mother production in

Madison, they loved hearing the packed Barrymore Theater roll in the aisles with laughter. After all, who doesn't love a good underwear story? Now you can watch it on video, too!

LTYM w boys
Photo by Erika Humke of Humke Group Photo + Design

 Listen to Your Mother is a national series (24 cities in 2013) in which local writers celebrate Mother's Day by performing live readings of original material. I shared the stage with talented writers who took the audience on an emotional roller coaster (the good kind) by reading about the various aspects of motherhood. Along with John Kibler, Ann Wertz Garvin, Kris Adams, Takeyla Benton, Becky Sewell, Patricia Melka, Nydia Rojas,  Sara SlaytonDeanna SchneiderJolieth McIntosh, Terry VisgerBritt Wanta, and the Listen To Your Mother founder, national producer, and Madison director, Ann Imig, we kept the audience on the edge of their seats with stories of courage, loss, humor, and inspiration.

LTYM after w boys
After the show with my boys. Photo by Melissa Austin of 2nd Street Photography
When I began writing Hairpin Turns Ahead last August, it was my goal to eventually be cast in a Listen To Your Mother show. I never dreamed it would happen my first year. At my audition in Madison, I was so nervous, I asked if I could bring my boys into the room with me. I figured at least they would laugh at my story since they love bathroom and underwear humor. By the sounds of the laughter on the video clip above, it turns out the audience on Mother's Day liked it, too. I'm so grateful to Ann Imig and Becky Sewell for casting me and giving me a shot! It was a dream come true!

The YouTube clips of our live performances have been released so others might be inspired to find their voices. Please hit the play button to watch my performance. I hope you enjoy, comment, share with your friends, watch more Listen To Your Mother videos, and maybe even write your own story! 

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