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To My Middle Child: You're The Good Stuff

Three boys from the backLast week my 11 year-old son curled up beside me and said, "I'm really feeling like the middle child. It's Eli's birthday and Augie won that contest. I'm just kinda here...taking up space in the middle." So this little diddy... this one's for him.


You're The Good Stuff

You're my 7th inning stretch, my afternoon nap, my five golden rings, the button in my belly.

You're the cherry in my chocolate, the soda in my straw, and the hook in my book.

You're the free space on my BINGO card.

The firefly in my jar.

The funny bone in my arm and my dream before that alarm. 

You're the gooey in my s'more, the "ch" in my a-ch-oo, and the "u" in my hug.

You're my balmy summer night and the porridge that's ju-u-u-u-st right. 

You're the warmth in my year, the smile between my ears, the salt in happy tears. 

Hugo and momYou're the middle.

The glue who makes us giggle.

The cackle in my tickle.

You're the good stuff. 


To Hugo  xoxo

Love Mom